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Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are fighting methods that were created and developed in the Philippines. There are various styles and systems that were created in the different regions of the Philippines. The most well known name is Escrima also known as Kali or Arnis (depending on where the art originated).

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Escrima is most recognizable by the rattan sticks (Baston) and knives (Daga) that are used in the practice of this martial art. Although thought of as a strictly weapons based martial arts, the Philippines also incorporate hand to hand and grappling methods in the system.

As passed down to us from our teachers, our classes include three areas of study from the Filipino Arts. The first is called Panantukan. Panantukan are the boxing methods of the Philippines including the use of punches, elbows, head-butts and shoulder strikes. The second is called Pananjakman. This is the art of low line kicking and stomping. Both of these arts are aimed at targeting the nerves and joints to inflict pain or cause breaking. The third portion that is taught in our classes is called Dumog. Dumog is a method of aligning the body to be moved from one point to another with pushing, pulling, and joint manipulation. These arts integrated together with other martial arts hand picked by Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, and Paul Vunak makeup our most combative elements of our training.

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